Sunday, November 6, 2011

Janet Reid's Amazing Story Contest

I entered another one of Janet Reid (Literary Agent and Query Critic par-excellence). 

It's the second such foray I've made into the world of competitive writing.  It's a wonderful excercise in discipline--the submissions are limited to 100 words or fewer and each has had a list of words the entrant is required to use in their story. 

Waiting to see if I've won is a cheap thrill, and I get practice at handling rejection where the stakes are much lower than when I'm waiting to hear back from my queries.

I'm on the lookout for more of these opportunities.  They are so helpful on a personal and professional level and any other writers reading this (Hellooooo *echos*) would be well served to join in.

Here's my second entry.  The contest can be found at

“C’mon, baby…what is this amazing thing?  Just gimmee a hint.” 
Tara laughed, the fringe around her d√©colletage shimmying.  Pauly was instantly transfixed. 
She raised an eyebrow.  “What, did we start the countdown to your birthday already?”
“Nah, I just wanna know.”  He pulled Tara closer, biting her earlobe.  “You get me that Wee Willie Smith jersey?”
“Will Smith?”
“Nah you wackadoo, the old New York Rens guy.”  Pauly stared into her eyes.  They twinkled like Argo on a cloudless night.  “Okay here’s something amazing.  How ‘bout you truck on downstairs and make me a sandwich if you’re gonna tease me.”

*Follow Up:
The results are in and...I didn't make the cut this time either *sigh*


I got noticed for my guess as to what the Amazing thing we'd want to see would be...and got a picture of The Rental Cat that I'd asked for, so that in itself was a minor thrill.

So, back to the grindstone.....

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