Sunday, November 6, 2011


Starting over...what the hell?  Had a nice, little thing going with my little not-blog over at the place with the thing.  For anyone who's interested (Filip, I'm talking to you) it's still out there like everything ever put out on the internet and you can view it here ( )  Everything's fine and dandy, then all of a doesn't work anymore.  All the other crap works...but

Ah, who gives a shit?  I've got one follower and he probably doesn't give any more of a shit than the other 7 billion people who don't follow.  And what the hell are they following anyway?

I gotta figure out how to use this thing more effectively.  That's my homework for the day.  Prowl around this blogger deal and look at the people in my line of work who use their blogs as more than a public diary or a load of word-vomit.

'Til then...

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  1. Keep plugging away at it and if you need to know something ask away if I can help I certainly will! Are you considering self publishing? Go Indie!
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